Confession: I bought flowers for my fiance at Albertsons (instead of any other place) so I could collect the Monopoly pieces. I'm obsessed but I'm hearing that my pieces could all be void because of what I'm doing wrong. You may be doing it, too. 

If you're playing Monopoly at Albertsons, you know the struggle of licking the back of the rectangular piece and seeing that it doesn't stick to the freaking board. It's either too wet to where it slides across your entire board or it's not wet enough and doesn't stick at all.

What does one do?

Double-sided tape.

At least, that's what I do.

Guess what? You're not supposed to. I just learned this today and now I'm so freaking frustrated. How do I get the pieces to stick to my board so I can win thousands of dollars and prizes?


Monopoly app 2


The wording is "advise you not to use glue or tape to attach your game markers". Advise is the key word. That doesn't mean you can't. The reasoning behind it is that you have to take your game pieces off your original board and put them on a new board to claim a prize.

I get it, I get it.

I have an insider source that works for Albertsons (but hooks me up with zero things because she's all responsible and stuff) and she said that the game has been changed this year to where the odds of winning are better. Yes, better! 1 in 5 customers will win. This mean, you gather four friends and tell those same four friends to give you their game pieces so you are the 1 in 5.

There's an app for that. Did you know?

Monopoly app


This game just got really real.


  • Download the app
  • Stick your pieces with your own saliva (not tape if you're a worrywart like me)
  • Ask the people who are in line in front of you if they'll give you their game pieces


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