Live For 175 brought out the best the Treasure Valley has to offer, including the Eagle Police.

Who generously adopted Cruise & Box as two of their own.

We've had a run in with Chief Calley and his force before, where he demolished us in a slide eating contest at Dickey's Barbeque Pit:

Since we're pretty much best friends now, Chief Calley made our dreams come true by putting us in real Sheriff's vests! The feeling truly can't be explained. Once you put this thing on, you feel transformed. Like you're an instant force for justice and defender of peace. It doesn't hurt that the vests weigh a ton and offer a multitude of protection.

Luckily, there were no perps to be found that day. The Village At Meridian was peaceful as can be. Which, if you're a criminal, is good news. When Cruise & Box are on the beat, ain't nobody safe from the long arm of justice!

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