We've Snoverdosed
If we could just put a giant bubble around the Treasure Valley to keep the snow out, I think many of us agree that we would. This snow that was once beautiful is now a complete pain! We've overdosed on snow.
Who Created This Downtown Boise Art from Snow?
I'm driving down Main in Boise and see this snowy artwork. Someone literally took the snow from the side of the road and turned it into art. Who is this talented person? I have to know who is making snopocalypse into a beautiful sight.
Local Company Provides Free Snow Shoveling
For those who don't have a Chris Cruise living down the walkway who surprise shovels your snow when you're inside watching the Bachelor, there's a company who will connect you with someone who will shovel that heavy snow at home.
Locate Storm Drains in Ada County
We keep hearing that we need to keep our storm drains clear of snow and debris so the water can drain. I had no idea where the drains were around my house because there's so much snow. Until now.
Boise Home Needs a Fixer Upper
Nikki called us after we spoke of the heavy snow on rooftops and the importance of clearing it away. She narrowly escaped her carport collapsing and crashing through her wall. Now she needs help with the destruction and we're reaching out.
When Will Kids Make Up Snow Days?
Taking snow days off of school means that the days need to be made up at some time within the school year.  Different districts have different announcements and they are coming in quickly.
Fix Ice Dams Using Pantyhose
Reach into your drawer and grab a pair of tights or pantyhose. You're halfway to eliminating an ice dam from your home. It can cost you hundreds, thousands or you can opt for the DIY option.

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