We've been waiting for the Snowmageddon since Winter began. It feels like there's been an alert each week for the last few months with nothing to show for it. That might change today.

Forecasts show that today will be the messy one and could destroy our commutes in the morning. There is a Winter Advisory for the Treasure Valley beginning at 5 P.M. today and ends the following afternoon.

What does this all mean for us? Nothing. Forecasts have been consistently WRONG! I feel like that can only mean today it will dump ❄️like crazy. Here's what you might want to do because it looks like we could get it all week.

I was at Costco this weekend and snow shovels were cheap because nobody has been buying them. Go grab a $5 shovel, some salt and be prepared. The commute today could get nasty and it's supposed to continue non-stop throughout the day. Download our new Kiss App and we'll notify you and set up a closure blog just in case it gets worse.

Don't blame me if it doesn't snow people! I just have a feeling we will get hit today and better to be prepared.

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