Take a Stand Through Color
Adult coloring, kids coloring, everyone coloring. That's what it's all about. Take a stand against child abuse through coloring. Download and share Live for 175 coloring sheets!
Why Meridian Police & Meridian Fire Cycle
We are being silly and flirty with all these men in uniform cycling to break the cycle of child abuse but the reason behind it and how they deal with child abuse calls is what we wanted to know more about. Why are you on these bikes, really...
Cruise & Box Bribe You to Ride
How do we get people to ride overnight? We bribe them. How about gifts and tickets for just signing up HERE to ride a bike and keep the radio station on the air. We have no shame.
Ride on a Themed Day at Live for 175
Each bike at Live for 175 is hooked up to a generator. Each time you pedal, you are providing power to keep the message of "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child" on the air. You are literally making it possible for the entire Treasure Valley to be part of the child abuse prevention…
Go Social with Live
Can't make it out to The Village at Meridian to hang out or hop on a bike? Not a problem! Show your support online using the hashtag "#LiveFor175" on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (Facebook post must be set to public so we can see it!) --...
Child Abuse Prevention Tools and Resources
See signs of child abuse? Wonder how to get help for yourself? There are resources available both in the Treasure Valley and nationally, how to know what to do when you think a child is being abused and where to go if you need help.

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