Let's recap what we're all talking about today. In short, President Obama had a literal 'drop the mic' moment, Bieber made a big change over the weekend and a woman is suing over too much ice in her coffee. 

Trending Entertainment

  • Justin Bieber shaved his dreads. He went from long blonde hair to dreads. People made fun of him and he was getting negative feedback so he, of course, went to Instagram saying “Being weird is fun. If you’re not weird, I don’t like you. That changed because Bieber got rid of the look he called weird.
  • The first trailer for the new movie Ghostbusters was posted to YouTube two months ago. It is now the most hated movie trailer in YouTube history with more than 604,000 dislikes.
  • There’s still no cause of death but Prince’s longtime chef says he’d been eating like he was sick over the past month. He complained of a sore throat and stomach pains.
  • The Daytime Emmy winners were announced. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan won Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts for the second year in a row. Strahan will be leaving on May 13th – the date was supposedly pushed up by months.

Trending Local

  • A fire broke out in the Main Street Deli – the northwest corner of 9th and Main just before 6:30 last night. Automatic sprinklers had put the fire out before firefighters arrived (just three minutes later). The building is 130 years old and there is smoke damage.

Trending Sports

  • Boise State football player drafted and then later signed

 Trending News

  • Woman in Chicago named Stacey Pincus is suing Starbucks for $5 million because they put too much ice in their iced coffee. Here’s why: Stacey says Starbucks advertises their drinks by the number of ounces they are. That’s how much coffee you get, right?  Her lawsuit says, quote, "[You] get just over half of the advertised amount, and just over half of the amount for which you are paying."  She also found that makes iced drinks the most profitable items on the menu. She wants the $5 for all the people who have been “ripped off” in the past 10 years and also demands Starbucks serve iced drinks in bigger cups so you get the full amount of coffee you order.
  • The Clinton campaign is handing out a “woman card” to a limited number of supporters who donate.
  • The President and Mrs. Obama have announced that their daughter Malia will be a Harvard student but only after taking a gap year. She’ll start in the fall of 2017.

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