Denim Day is Wednesday. A day we all wear denim in solidarity of survivors of sexual assault. This is not just an excuse to wear jeans, it's a way to take a stand. Guru Donuts is giving 100% of their Denim Day proceeds to the Women's & Children's Alliance. 


All week, the Women's and Children's Alliance have been at the Village at Meridian in support of the campaign "It shouldn't hurt to be a child" as we continue with Live for 175.

No matter the situation, you always have someone to go to. Someone to talk with. Someone who understands you and knows where to guide you in order to seek help.

We'll be stopping by Guru to stuff our faces with these

and then headed to the Village at Meridian for day 6 of Live for 175.

Wear those jeans. Take a stand. Let's do it together.



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