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Well, this just happened and it's pretty hard to hate on it. I've been seeing several different things trending on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and then some to pass the time during the quarantine.

There is a handstand challenge grabbing some of the biggest celebrities and once Olympic star Simone Boyles did it - I was out. That's my excuse to not doing someone so stupid! Or, you could say I just can't do one I can't!

I will say that the death and destruction the coronavirus has inflicted on the world is devastating. There is no joke that could take the pain of loss away and I pray that none of us has to endure it.

I do admire how creative people are being while having to stay indoors. We're just so used to the negative trashing on social media that I kind of forgot about the great things about it. Let me introduce you to something trending in Australia and I'm sure after a few of these posts it will make it to our very own Idaho. Say hello to Bin Isolation Outing Group

There are so many directions to take this but I have a feeling I'll be joining the team because why wouldn't I. This new trend began in Australia as a joke and half a million followers later it's the real deal. People are taking out the garbage with style and this doesn't look like anything weak. These garbage bin goers are dressing up in major style to make a selfie statement, "Coronavirus, you don't own me!" This goes to show you how exciting people are about getting out of the house even if it's just to take out the garbage bin. You can read all of this in the CNN article. Very fascinating.

I mean who can beat that! Pay close attention to our social media on Monday because Tuesday is my garbage bin outing and I'm looking to shut down the city with the best.

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