When it comes to summertime in the Treasure Valley, few events are more "signature" than the Western Idaho Fair. A prime place to hangout with your friends before or as the school year starts--it's also a safe place for families to get out of the house and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Western Idaho Fair is a staple in the Treasure Valley and offers more than just popular rides and thrills. There are also food trucks, concerts, live events, and even animal shows!

The food at the fair is always a favorite--whether it's an ice cream potato or a Pronto Pup--Idahoans have their guilty pleasures. Curious to "try it all"? That may seem like an impossible task but today, it isn't.

No, you won't be needing to knock out a ton of huge meals--you can try ALL of the food for just $2, today only!

As shared on their Facebook page:

Today is $2 taste test Tuesday! Today from noon-2pm all food vendors will serve something on their menu for only $2. Perfect for taste testing!

What a steal!! We'll see you there!

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