The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about so many opportunities to look for and see so much GOOD! Too often, we have unsung heroes living right next door, and they don’t get near enough the thanks that they should.

The Doctors, the nurses, our first responders, and the teachers! Finally, these selfless and serving individuals are getting the praise that never asks for, but that they more than deserve.

The internet and social media have been flooded with uplifting and heartwarming pictures and stories in the middle of one of our most challenging times as a community and as a country. I speak with so many teachers on the air each morning and their selflessness brings me to tears. It's never been about the money to them.

My five-year-old son is scheduled to start school in the fall. That’s a day that brings so much excitement, mostly for him and a day that brings so many fears and anxieties as a parent. We hand our kids over at such a young age and we trust the teachers to look over them, guide them and have their best interests at heart for the time that they have with them. That’s a big job and a lot of responsibility. I can only hope that my son and daughter will be lucky enough to experience teachers like these.

Just as an example of what has been circulating: A dad posted this snapshot of his daughter, a sixth-grader, who was having trouble working through her math. She emailed her math teacher, who also happened to be their neighbor, and just look at what happened! He showed up with a whiteboard and marker as she stood at the doorway, he helped her through it!

And on a more local level. I saw this photo taken of a teacher, Mr. Moore of the Nampa School District outside his student’s window, helping him through the first day of online learning!

These guys are so incredible! And there are so many just like them. Countless, selfless educators who really care about the kids! It just doesn’t get better than that!

We all have that one teacher that we won’t forget. Who helped us through challenging times, whether they knew it or not just because of the person they were. I hope all of the teachers here in the Treasure Valley and across the country feel just how appreciated they are!

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