What's a fool-proof way to grab Miley Cyrus' attention? Making a video of yourself twerking in the hopes that she'll attend your prom, of course.

Canadian teen Andrew Crain uploaded a vid of himself, proving his die-hard Smiler status and asking the "Wrecking Ball" singer to prom. First, he enlisted several of his female friends to give him a little boost, with all of the ladies revealing his best qualities and why Miley should go to prom with him. Best argument of them all? Andrew "can probably twerk better than you, so you can have a twerk-off at prom!" DO IT.

The vid then cuts to Andrew showing off his twerking skills, as he shakes his butt Miley-style. Dude has moves! But even more impressive than his booty-poppin'? His collection of everything Miley Cyrus. We're talkin' countless posters, books, albums, magazines and DVDs, all stretching as far back as the Hannah Montana days. There's no question about it: Andrew knows what it's like to be a die-hard fan.

After proving his hardcore dedication, it's time for the big reveal: Andrew, clad in a suit and tie and holding a bouquet of roses, officially pops the question.

"So Miley, now that you've seen the video: What do you think?" he asks, getting down on bended knee. "Will you go to prom with me?"

Smilers, watch the heartwarming, twerk-tastic video above! We're holdin' out hope that Miley responds to Andrew's offer -- after all, she's done it before!

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