This will be the worst blog I will ever write facing the one thing that torments my psyche, spiders. I wanted to write this after hearing of that spider bite that claimed Dale Harsin's finger right here in the Treasure Valley. I've compiled a list of creepy crawlers to look out for. Beware.

Zebra Jumper
Zebra Jumper

Let's start by saying that I was raised not to hate anything. I try not to let judgment consume me and free my mind of hate. Those things just bring you down. Spiders are the closest thing to hateful that even comes close to mind. I can go back in my lifetime and explain almost every encounter with a spider. These creepy crawlers spawning webs all over the house, garage, and yard immediately raise the hairs on my body with goosebumps (not the ones in the Travis Scott song.)

I read about the coach of the Boise State Bronco's football team, Bryan Harsin, had a scare with his father. Dale Harsin lost one of his fingers due to a spider bite that wasn't properly treated. How many times have you gotten some type of bite and just went on with your day? I've done it my entire life without blinking an eye. That's exactly what Harsin's dad did and I'd like to thank everyone for completely giving me arachnophobia.

Three years ago I went into complete fear when I saw one crawl out of my couch where I was laying and then another at the other end of the couch. You know how when posting a photo on Instagram people will comment with, "I can't." That's usually around a cute picture of anything, BUT a spider. I just CAN'T anymore on this topic. Let me attach this video of a spider during the construction of a grocery store. This little dude was just crawling around and he froze when I saw him. Why the hell am I so scared! I must look like a giant to this guy.

These Spiders have been Established in Idaho and you might want to keep an eye out for. My personal opinion is to alway get them treated based on stories I've read in recent years. The following list of spiders won't kill you or even put you in the hospital from what I've read. Regardless, why take a chance. Sidenote: downloading these photos has been one of the worst experiences of my lifetime. You have no idea. I'm losing my ish right now. I'm gonna vomit.


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