Driving in the Treasure Valley is always a chore. While we're lucky to not live in a place like Houston or Los Angeles--with jam-packed roads everywhere--we do have a decent amount of cars on the road given the size of the roads we have to work with.

When you're out and about--do you notice more safe drivers or aggressive drivers? Boise residents are quick to complain about traffic laws and other vehicles on the road but at the end of the day, even the safest of drivers are at risk when they get behind the wheel.

A video has been making the rounds online that shows crystal clear footage of several traffic issues--right on Eagle Road (everyone's worst nightmare)

Here's a look at what one local driver captured on their dash cam on Eagle Road:

This Boise Crash Reminds Drivers To Be Attentive

While this crash has made the rounds online--we hope that everyone involved in this is safe and unharmed. It offers a public reminder to be attentive when driving here in the Treasure Valley

This video should serve as a reminder to slow down, be attentive, obey traffic signals and give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. 

It is important for us to note that safety is our utmost concern and we hope that everyone involved in this video is safe.  Of course, on social media, everyone has an opinion on what happened in this instance and it just isn't fair to assume.

Watch the video for yourself, below! It's crazy to see how clear this dash cam is.



Let's not forget that this is far from the first time that a traffic incident in Boise was captured on video...


Boise Traffic Incident Captured on Video Goes Viral

On Friday, May 20th, a video was posted online from a busy Boise street. The video showed a totally insane incident which involved one woman stopping down traffic and straight up screaming at vehicles that she forcibly stopped.
We don't know the contest of this video--only that one individual captured it on film.

Check out this incident and see the full video for yourself, below:

Awkward Hospitality Ends Idaho Road Rage Fight

In a strange brawl on the streets of the Treasure Valley, some sort of road rage incident has the internet laughing out loud at how awkward things were brought to a close.

It isn't often that we see much serious road rage here in the Treasure Valley. Perhaps an occasional "flying of the bird" or an explicative yelled--for the most part, the lack of real traffic in Boise and our overall "slower" pace of life keeps everyone calm. This brawl seems to be an exception to the rule, at one point, one of the fighting men says to "go back to Washington". It's the END of the fight that has everyone online LAUGHING...maybe it's just some good old fashioned Idaho Hospitality?

Idaho's Viral Traffic Sign Typo

What was going on over in Star, Idaho?

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