Here in Idaho, we aren't strangers to the wildlife. Even if you aren't an avid outdoors-person, odds are you've been around town and seen some deer walking along the road or perhaps other large wild creatures while driving through our beautiful state.

One Idaho outdoorsman is very lucky to have been carrying a gun recently, and the internet cannot believe how close of an encounter this was. According to Jared Erickson, who shared this video, the encounter happened in Southeast Boise. He shared that he was elk hunting while this happened and it was NOT the encounter he had expected.

Check out this crazy incident below: 

A Look At This Scary Idaho Mountain Lion Encounter

This video is absolutely terrifying-- here is a closer look and you can watch the full video for yourself, BELOW:

Want to see the full video for yourself? Here it is: 




So what is an Idahoan to do if they encounter a Mountain Lion? Numerous comments assumed that the mountain lion must have had cubs nearby as she was being ultra protective. According to the National Park Service, here's what you should know:

  •  Never approach a mountain lion because they will try and avoid confrontation most times.
  • Never run from a Mountain Lion because it might activate their chasing instincts. Experts say to stand and face the animal, making eye contact.
  • If you crouch down- you will look like their prey: so don't. Remain standing.
  • You are going to want to appear large--widen and raise your arms.
  • If you are attacked, fight back-- there have been accounts of folks fighting back with rocks, sticks, jackets and even their bare hands.

Be safe out there, Idaho!

Here's Everything You Need To Know If You Run Into A Mountain Lion In Boise

This information is courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game.

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