Depending on your current employment goals, these may be jobs to avoid in Boise. 

During what's been dubbed by many as "The Great Resignation," many businesses have found themselves short-handed and asking for patience because "nobody wants to work anymore." It seems like the easiest narrative to use, but the truth goes a little deeper than that.

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The pandemic disrupted the workforce in a way we've never experienced before and gave people the time to reflect on just how much the job they were working at in March 2020 really fit their needs. Some discovered that they really enjoyed the flexibility remote work gave them. Others took a serious look at their finances and realized they were able to retire early.

Then you have the pocket of people who decided that what they were making for the demands of the job just weren't worth it anymore. While they may have quit their jobs, many of them didn't leave the workforce altogether. Instead, they sought out higher-paying, higher-quality jobs.

So, which jobs in Boise really do pay the least? We dove into the latest statistics available from the Idaho Department of Labor to find out. These numbers reflect the Boise City MSA which includes Ada, Boise, Canyon, Gem and Owhyee. For comparison, if you look at all types of jobs in these counties, the average annual wage is $49,002.

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According to the latest data release from the Idaho Department of Labor, these are the lowest paying jobs in the Boise area.

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According to the latest figures published on the Idaho Department of Labor's website, these are the highest paying jobs in "Boise City." That region includes Ada, Canyon, Boise and Gem counties.

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Think you have a guess what the most popular job in Boise is? We wrangled up the data from the Idaho Department of Labor's Occupational Employment and Wages Survey and the answer may surprise you!

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