Huckleberries are a Pacific Northwest thing. You can look worldwide for them but if you want a sure thing Idaho is the place. Yes you can find them in Montana, Oregon and Washington but the Huckleberry is the official state fruit of Idaho. It's safe to say that we Idahoan's have a greater love for the Huckleberry, we love it so much that every year Donnelly host the Huckleberry Festival... until this year. The festival was scheduled for August 14th -16th but has officially been cancelled due to COVID-19. Here is the official statement from

"It is with heavy hearts that The Donnelly Area Chamber of Commerce has decided to cancel this year’s Huckleberry Festival. We want to thank all of you who participated in meetings and/or shared your input concerning the 2020 Huckleberry Festival. The decision was incredibly difficult to make, however, we felt it would be almost impossible to follow Central District Health’s protocols for a festival that typically sees 8,000 to 10,000 people visiting Donnelly in a single weekend. We knew that whatever decision was made some people/businesses would be happy and some upset, and we are truly sorry for that. This situation does not create a win for anyone unless it keeps the spread of COVID at bay."

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