What’s better than an ice cold drink on a hot day? An ice cold drink with boba in it! The boba trend seems like something that will never die down and we’re glad because the boba places in Boise are some of the best in the country.

If you haven’t heard of boba then it’s definitely something you should try this spring as it is definitely a staple drink for warm weather. Boba is chewy little balls in a variety of different drinks from iced teas to lemonades to milk teas. All of them are absolutely delicious and there are a bunch of different ways to go about all of your boba needs.

Boise has a lot of different boba places to choose from so whether you are trying it for the first time or you want to try an all new place we have compiled a list of the best boba places in Boise for you to try:

Best Boise Boba

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Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Boise Boba is down town and is the perfect place to go to when you are wandering around down town Boise in need of something to cool you down.

The Whale Tea on Broadway has great reviews on Yelp and everyone in Boise loves it!

Happy Boba is in a shopping center so it’s a great place to take a breather while you shop.

Zoteeac Boba Tea and Art Trailer is a food truck that serves Boba!

Boba & Waffles has both boba and waffles so it’s perfect for if you are hungry or you are thirsty.

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Cookie Dough Bliss

Truly bliss.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

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