President Biden is heading West looking for big money to fund his eventual reelection campaign. The last time the president was in our part of the country, he made a short trip to Idaho. This time around, President Biden is skipping the Gem State. In honor of the president dissing our state, we've come up with several reasons why Biden, Harris, and Psaki decided to skip our great state.  

Joe Biden's Five Factors of Fearing Idaho

The five issues that cause Joe Biden to fear about Idaho. Could these issues become national?

Do you remember the last time Joe Biden visited Idaho?  Were you part of the Idaho welcoming committee?

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

The Best Ways Idahoans Can Protect Themselves from Tax Scammers

Tax season is about to wrap up and it's an opportune time for scammers to take advantage. Here's how you can protect yourself with tips from Meridan Police Department and red flags to watch out for from the IRS.

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