Have you ever heard of LaCroix Boi? Perhaps you're a LaCroix Boi yourself...you know, a guy that loces LaCroix and dances around your house celebrating it's deliciousness!?

Yeah...me neither.

But if you've never seen Big Dipper live before, you're in for a show at The Balcony Club tonight and I suggest you don't miss it!

Treefort Music Festival is going on in downtown Boise of course which means bars and venues all across downtown Boise are hosting thousands, as Bosieans and visitors alike pick and choose their shows all over the city. The Balcony Club, on 8th & Idaho is hosting several aspects of Treefort this year and one of them is Big Dipper, tonight.

He will be in the building late--real late. At midnight, to be exact. That gives you plenty of time to check out other shows and end the night at The Balcony. If you have a Treefort wristband, you can get access for free. If you don't, no worries--this is an event you'll be able to pay for at the door for just $10 a person.

It seems Big Dipper always has a way to go viral--so chances are you've seen him before and don't even know it. Check out his ode to LaCroix sparkling water, below.

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