It has been SUCH a hectic week for me over the past seven days and I can't help but assume the same for you. As the weather gets better, it seems like what we do at 103.5 KISS FM only gets crazier. Add into the mix a major holiday: Cinco De Drin... I mean, Cinco de Mayo, and we're looking a real crazy weekend. Along with that, good weather in this town has always meant: patio season (or Party-o season, as I prefer it to be called).

As more and more people are out and about having fun in our awesome city--so too do the instances of missed connections increase. I've found some of the very best and hopefully, I help you find your long lost lover!

Today I saw you for the 2nd or 3rd time at the Fitness club. You did some squats with a band around your legs. I hadnt seen that before and wanted to ask you about it but the environment didnt seem right. On the way out I walked by you doing exercises on a machine by the front door. You smiled somewhat nervously.

I think a gym is a terrible place to meet someone, especially when you're the female. That said, i find you intriguing many ways. Maybe we can chat to break the ice.

OMG you and I were practically having sex looking at each other lol. Damn hot experience for a stranger.
You are a mexican woman, I am a white guy. OMG lets meet each other. You were returning things, I was buying something. do yo have sex with your eyes? Anyway...

We met at Amsterdam Saturday night 5/04/19.

You went to get your friend, and I lost you after that.

I need to see you again

You have short blonde hair and you are so friendly when you work at the counter.....are you single?


Madalyn, Amsterdam Person and everyone above...good luck out there!


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