Do you often find yourself wailing on the mic during karaoke at the local dive bar? Or uploading videos of yourself singing on youtube? Have you ever caught your imagination running away with dreams of selling out stadiums and- actually- living your secret dream of being a rockstar? What if I told you... there was a real-life chance for you to do this coming to Boise, ID this September. If anybody has doubts that Boise is being put on the map, consider the fact that AMERICAN IDOL is coming to our city to hold auditions! This is huge! Yes- THE show American Idol is coming HERE. Hundreds, if not thousands will be flocking to the chance to fulfill their dreams. It only takes one day to change your life! As of now, the American Idol website has not posted a specific time or place beyond the September 2nd announcement. So save the date. How cool would it be to have our very own American Idol from Boise Idaho?

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