The holidays in the Treasure Valley mean a few things. Meticulously decorated storefronts downtown. Gathering with friends and family to complain about your second rent increase in three years. Carolers stopping by to bring you some holiday cheer (Do people still do that?).

But the holidays also mean another Boise tradition: Putting up the Boise Grove Plaza Christmas tree!

Even if it is a tradition, that doesn't mean things always go to plan.

Yesterday (Wednesday, November 17th) while crews were loading up the donated tree, the top of it snapped right off. Just like that. Bye-bye tree top. The weird part, this is the second tree this has happened to this year!

Not to worry. Downtown Boise Association executive director Jennifer Hensley says there's a plan in place to top the tree with a "sleeve" in order to have it ready for the holidays.

If all that didn't seem coincidental enough, prepare to have your jingle bells jangled. In 2018, someone climbed up the tree and ripped off the topper, and in 2019 the tree fell 24 hours before it was supposed to be lit.

That begs the the Boise Grove Plaza Christmas tree haunted? Is there some unknown specter causing continual bad juju for the Treasure Valley holiday icon? Perhaps it's aliens coming to our humble city to cause a ruckus and general panic? Or, even worse, is it people moving here from California? I mean, they do cause all the terrible traffic and price hikes on literally everything.

California, we're watching you. Don't mess with our tree.

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