Hundreds gathered at TEAM Mazda with one goal in mind: Make that Mazda 3 mine. Each person stood with anticipation, all planning how their life could be different - better - if they were the one driving home in a brand new car. 

The sky was ominous and the weather warm. There was a feeling of a shift in the air. That's definitely what was about to happen.

As each person nervously walked up, grabbed a key out of the bowl and slowly made their way to the car, there was a silence in the crowd. Everyone was focused on one single car in the lot - the one that read "Win this Car." The one they've been focused on for a full month that would change their life.

Attempt 5: Nothing. Attempt 10: Nothing. Attempt 20: Still nothing. We still had a long way to go. As each key was tossed aside with the door still locked, it was time for another try. Would this be the one?

"What is your name?" asked Keke. "I'm Susan," she said as she chose her key and walked toward the car. Not knowing her story, what her family is like, what kind of dreams she had if this key unlocked the door, we all watched in anticipation (again) to see if the key would even turn.


The alarm went off.



Did she unlock the door? She doesn't even know. All of us stopped. The alarm is going off and the door is open.


She won the car.




Who is Susan What's her story? What's this new car's new home like?





It was an incredible birthday celebration as we were able to spend time with our friends at TEAM Mazda Subaru and wish them a happy 10th. Everyone ate cake. No, seriously, there was actual cake from Pastry Perfection that made the whole birthday just right. Everybody now: "Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear TEAM Mazda Subaru. Happy birthday to you!"

Just before we were all ready to get started, in swooped Rhino Rush to give us one last push of energy at the perfect moment. It was time to get hype! For those taking notes, it totally worked!





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