There's a major wager happening in the hallways at 103.5 KISS FM involving this season of The Bachelorette.

But was it predetermined from the start?

You can read more about our bet here. However, if Buzzfeed is to believed, it may not even matter. They claim to have unearthed dozens of behind-the-scenes facts about The Bachelorette that lead us to believe the entire show is set up. Everything from fake dinners to very real sex toys, they've uncovered everything.

Here's just a few facts Buzzfeed says we don't know about what happens behind the scenes:

  • The women have to buy all their own clothes for the show
  • No one eats at the one-on-one dinners because it would be too loud to film
  • Contestants have to do their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry

Should our bet go on? Do we call the entire thing off? Either way, we'll be watching...



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