Finding the right Father's Day gift is the worst right? Are you getting the typical tie, wallet, money clip, coffee mug with #1 DAD! Come on and let me help you score this one without leaving your home.

Nintendo Releases New "Switch" Game Console
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Father's Day is this weekend and I wanted to make sure you knew how to stand out this year. Don't do the usuals yo! No mugs, #1 daddy shirts, ties, or lame wallets. Come on! I talked to a listener last week who said she was shopping for Father's Day Gifts. I asked how much she spent and that's when the $15 ringer came out. I said, "How much did you spend on yourself?" the silent pause that was followed by a lot of laughing, "$65!" Typical. We've all done it.

I'm gonna do a shameless 103.5 Kissfm plug, but it's so easy. The part of this is if you don't win, you still have plenty of time to try with Secret Sound the Switch Upgrade.

How to win and what is it: We're giving away a Nintendo Switch this weekend to our App holders ONLY. You must have the in order to know when you should call and what the secret phrase it with our morning show Cruise and Box. Call in with that phrase, follow directions, and you'll have your own $300 game system that NOBODY else can buy because those units are sold out baby! I'll list a button with a link to download now or just go to your app store and get it. Make sure you that you have your alerts set up right to receive exclusives/contests and whatever else you want.

That's it! The Nintendo Switch is a winner because all of you get to use it. See! Think smart for EVERYONE. Trust me. This will be the coolest gift to share and get your Mario on! Good luck!

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