Let's be honest, winning a contest on 103.5 KISS FM isn't the easiest thing in the entire world! But our goal is to create the most winners in the city by blowing out more concert tickets, cash, and prizes than any other station in the Treasure Valley! When you download and listen to us via the app, you literally double your chances of being Caller #9.

How? Easy! Instead of having to exit out of a web player while you're listening, bringing up the keypad on your phone and having to dial 384-1035, you can call us directly from the app!


Or maybe you're one of those people who's "calling blind" for games like The Secret Sound, Summer Splash, Pumpkin Smash or KISSmas.  You're at the office, your mean boss won't let you listen to us and you're not sure if you missed the cue to call just yet.  Our app can send you notifications about the precise minute you need to call us to win! Turn on the alerts and get ready to become a winner!


There's a lot of other cool things the app lets you do too! Send us an instant request, tell us whether you love or hate the song you're listening to in real time, listen hands-free in your car with Apple CarPlay, send us pictures of that truck you just saw crash into the gas station and more from the new 103.5 KISS FM app!


Ready to download it?! GOOD! Follow the links below to grab the app from the App Store or Google Play now!

103.5 KISS FM App for iPhone | 103.5 KISS FM App for Android

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