I'll admit that this one I had to search to see if it was legit. Are you ready for the "Streak to the Peak" race on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Just another race right? I beg you to read on so you don't get the surprise of your life!

The "Streak to the Peak" is a nude race (pause). Yes, no clothes yo! This is a run through the woods completely bare if you know what I mean.

Idaho loves their outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, biking and running. How do you set yourself apart from the rest? Host a NUDE run through the woods! The inaugural "Streak to the Peak" race was just announced and will be held on Sunday, September 9. So, what should you wear? Well, I wouldn't suggest stopping off for breakfast before the race! Haha! I kid.

Welcome to the most challenging course in the Nude Universe! (I quoted that right from the press release.) "Streak to the Peak"

is designed for nude runners and walkers. The race will be heldo on the 130 acre, Bare Mountain Nudist Club, off Rocky Canyon Road alongside the Race to Robie Creek course.

That directly from race organizer Jay Johnson. There is more to this race that a bunch of naked peeps running around in the woods! Enjoy the Saturday evening festivities with a pre-race, carbo load, spaghetti dinner.

Entry is $30 dollars and includes:

  • Entry to race or walk
  • Barbecue lunch
  • Water volleyball
  • Inaugural "Streak to the Peak" sarong

Contact Jay Johnson at jayjohnson2703@gmail.com for more details.

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