If you don't live in Idaho, then you truly do not know how beautiful it is here. These are the can't-miss locations that belong on your feed.


Freak Alley (Boise)

It's a Boise staple, and you're legally not allowed to call yourself an Idahoan until you've taken multiple selfies at Freak Alley. The best part? New artwork is being added all the time.




Table Rock (Boise)

That glowing cross isn't the only cool thing about Table Rock. It gives you an incredible view of the Treasure Valley, and it's only a short hike to the top.




Perrine Bridge (Twin Falls)

Driving into Twin Falls, this bridge comes out of nowhere. It's home to some spectacular views, and if you're lucky you may even see a base jumper or bungee jumper do their thang!




Bruneau Dunes (Mountain Home)

Some of the biggest sand dunes in the world are just an hour from Boise, and trust us it's worth the trip. Just don't try to slide down them on cardboard. Bring something a little more stable. You won't regret it.




Yellowstone National Park (Northeast Idaho)

This might be considered cheating since it's mostly in Wyoming, but the 1% of the park that rests in Idaho is still gorgeous.



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