The Idaho Potato Drop will be bringing in the New Year again as they celebrate 6 years on December 31 live from the Idaho Capitol.

The Treasure Valley is invited out for another chilly evening to bring in the new year with live bands, air rail jam, VIP Tents, beer garden, food trucks, ice sculptures and more.

I was just talking to someone in our digital department who just moved to Idaho asking about the popularity of this event. "You guys drop a potato?" I thought that would be followed by laughs but it was met with a positive response. I think it's just locals who might think that's funny because we hear the word Idaho and expect that to be followed by potato. Oh, it's a thing Yea, I dropped a potato emoji!

The truth is that New Year's Eve isn't the biggest night out across the world. There are a ton of people that would rather stay in with friends, family or even warm bar events. I'd assume this is because of the date and how it revolves. If Halloween is on a Monday you can still throw a party on a Saturday before and theme it as your themed party. You can't really do that with New Year's Eve.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

This year won't be any different as the holiday eve falls on a Monday with New Year's Day on Tuesday. All of that said it's pretty cool to run downtown Boise for a few minutes to bring in 2019 with your community. People somehow start to migrate to the Capitol and next thing you know you're surrounded by thousands of Idahoans including people who traveled to see it. I mean it's not every day you get to witness a giant potato drop

There are several options that accommodate almost everyone. If you want a warm VIP tent there's a spot for that. Looking to spend the time at the rail jam? You can bundle up and watch that during the day. The Idaho Potato drop will be offering a 21+ experience for adults that want to bring in the New year with alcoholic beverages. The also provide heaters, lost area for kids and more.

I'll post up some links and I'm sure more to be announced coming soon.

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