12:42 PM Update: Ada County Sheriff's office reports that the suspect involved in the shooting with the officer has passed away. The investigation is underway.

Ada County Sheriff’s are currently investigating an officer-involved shooting that took place this morning near State Street and Star Road.
Photo courtesy of Steve Green
Photo courtesy of Steve Green

Ada County Sheriff’s posted the following update on the shooting on their Twitter.

Thankfully, Ada County Sheriff’s reported that the officer involved was not injured during the confrontation. Because the details of the shooting are still all very preliminary, we’ll share more information as it becomes available. As you can see in these photos provided by local witnesses, police have the area taped off and thankfully, it doesn’t appear that any neighboring areas were affected by the shooting.

Photo courtesy of Steve Green
Photo courtesy of Steve Green

This marks the second officer-involved shooting in the Treasure Valley within a week. Six days ago on June 9th, Boise police responded to a shooting involving the Idaho Department of Corrections that resulted in a vehicle pursuit.

“As officers were responding to the scene, they learned that the suspect fled in a stolen vehicle,” said Deputy Chief Tammany Brooks at a press conference of the June 9th incident.

“There was then an exchange of fire between the suspect and three officers from the Boise police department along with two officers from the Meridian police department,” Meridian Chief of Police Tracy Basterrechea reported of the June 9th incident.

“The suspect was ultimately hit and officers began performing lifesaving measures. The suspect was then taken to a local hospital where he is undergoing medical treatment as we speak. We do not know his condition at this time. There were no officers injured in this event and no citizens injured in this event.”

While today’s incident in Star was much different than the aforementioned June 9th incident, it’s frightening to see two officer-involved shootings occur so closely together in the Treasure Valley. We'll share more information as it becomes available.

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