I say that I'm never making a bet with Chris Cruise again but I also know that's a lie. This time around, I thought I knew who was being chosen on the Bachelor. I was wrong. This bet loss is lasting all week. 

On day two, I decided to film a video. I mean, why not show it off. I thought I could distract you by adding a little Unicorn Snot to my face. It was a diversion tactic. It didn't work. It just grossed me out.

Once I posted the video, I get a comment from Lady Delicious and my life changed. "Girl, it's not cheating if you tint them." What's that? The skies opened up and my life became new again.

Too dramatic? Sadly, it felt that way.

Without telling Chris, I grabbed Mateo at Night and we went to Caliente Salon so I could get some color on these brows.



Do I feel bad that I allowed someone to help me find a loophole in this bet? No, not at all. I feel accomplished. It's helping me not give up and just say that I'm a sore loser (which I am in most cases) and draw in my eyebrows. Brow tinting lasts a couple of weeks and took me about 7 minutes total.

Maybe there's more to this bet payoff to where I cant fill in my brows for a week. Perhaps there's a little lesson in being more secure with myself. That's going to take some time. I'm a makeup lover and like what it adds to a face.

This is not an ad and all services were paid for.

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