A friend of mine reached out just the other day and said hey...you've GOT to get the word out about this. It's a must! It's your duty!

So...here I am, getting the good word out to any beer loving college students: a years worth of Natural Light, or more affectionately known as Natty Light, could be yours for free.

Listen, I guess anyone could win this and be happy. Don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't understand who would choose to buy Natty Light? Then again, to each their own.  I didn't even buy this stuff in college!

The Masters are underway and if you're looking to win a years worth of Natty Light, one lucky fan will win just that for EVERY SINGLE BIRDIE made on Masters Sunday. The social media driven contest will be kicking off on Sunday and as long as you have tweeted out #BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes at ANY POINT on Sunday you're instantly in the running.

Don't judge me but I'll probably tweet it out myself. I mean...free is free, right?

For more, click HERE.

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