Idaho is such an interesting place and it's about to become a lot more interesting once you read this list of Idaho Town names. What were people thinking? Whatever it was, I'm glad they were in that head space because with todays cancel culture there is no way that these names would fly for any town in America. Here is my humble attempt at determining how these towns got their very interesting / weird names.

Wolverine, Idaho - Someone knew there would be a movie made of this name in the future.

Squirrel, Idaho - Hey look it's a... name for our town. I wonder if that's how they came up with the name.

Gross, Idaho - Was it the smell? or just the fact that this town was not the prettiest place at the time?

Bone, Idaho - Sticks and stones may break my... And why Bone as opposed to Bones?

Good Grief, Idaho - This must of been the moment when someone finally lost their cool and said Good Grief... I'm done coming up with a name for this place.

Fish Haven, Idaho - Fish Haven sits just short of the Utah-Idaho border near Bear Lake, I wonder if a horrible fisherman like myself can actually catch a fish here.

North Pole, Idaho - Close enough and I'm sure they named it in the winter.

Santa, Idaho - Gift for all my friends from Santa.

Freeze, Idaho - Either the Police was really strict here or it's very cold.

Headquarters, Idaho - The white house as far as Idahoans were concerned.

Best Corner, Idaho - I sure this is where the Eagles came up with the famous lyric... I was standing on the corner... in Winslow Idaho... I mean Winslow Arizona...

Princeton, Idaho - Interesting that 5 miles away is a town named Harvard, Idaho.

Slickpoo, Idaho - I think you would agree that slickpoo is better than naming the town Diarrhea.

Keuterville, Idaho - Well this is subject to interpretation and depending on which part of the woods you're from you can translate at your own discretion.

Bunghole Rapids - This must be what we call class 4 rapids today... maybe even 5.. hahaha

Dickshooter, Idaho - Hopefully Richard Shooter died a happy man after having this town named in his honor.

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