I saw an interesting post the other day from a San Francisco news organization sharing what their most popular vehicle is (Honda Civic) and it made me really curious to know what Idaho’s most popular vehicle is.

Surely, it’s gotta be a truck, right?

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According to iSeeCars, “Pickup trucks have once again proven their dominance as the preferred vehicles among American consumers. The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling new vehicle for an astounding 40 years, and three additional pickup trucks are also among the top 10 best sellers. Pickup trucks are also popular with used car buyers, with pickups accounting for the top three best-selling used vehicles.”

Ford Debuts New F-150 Pickup Truck At Dearborn Plant
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Well, Idaho, I guess we’re not super original because our bestselling, most popular vehicle throughout all of Idaho (according to iSeeCars) is the Ford F-150 … and I think it’s been that way for many, many years.

Turns out, trucks are the most popular in almost every state, and I guess it isn’t even really a competition — it’s always the Ford F-150. The only post I’ve been able to find that says otherwise is this one by Edmunds. They claim Idaho’s most popular vehicle is the Ram 1500/2500/3500.

I guess that’s where the infamous Ford vs Ram debate comes from.

US Automakers Report August Sales
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iSeeCars says, “Thanks to their versatility, pickup trucks have evolved from strictly working vehicles to being embraced as family-friendly haulers. A number of compact pickup trucks recently entered the market, providing consumers with even more options. Pickup trucks remain in-demand vehicles for both new and used car buyers, with no signs of slowing down.”

Sure sounds like Idaho to me!

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