It seems that a couple of times a year, the Mega Millions reaches a record jackpot and everyone races to their lucky gas station or grocery store to grab a ticket. I'm not someone that typically plays the lottery but when the jackpot is THIS can you not? You've got to play to win, right?

Tonight, the Mega Millions total is so high, it's a stack of cash so big, most of us, even if we strike it rich, will never see. If you win tonight and cash out...the amount of money you're going to toss into your checking account is: $905,000,000. Yeah, imagine seeing THAT in your bank account while you go to buy yourself a new car, house, vacation...private jet!?

The numbers are in, and at this point the lottery hasn't announced if a winning ticket was sold. However, if it was, someone out there is pinching themselves (if they haven't already passed out).

Need to check your ticket? The winning numbers are...

05-28-62-65-70 Mega Ball: 5

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