It's Olympics time baby and did you see our peeps kill it on the ice? Let me show you some special photos that will paint a picture you probably haven't seen yet.

I've kinda started to grasp how to understand what is what and when it happens. That is probably the hardest part of watching the games especially in my role as a morning show host.

I'm careful what posting because I don't wanna be that guy acting like we just won a gold that was actually taken the night before. There's a massive problem with all these time zones during the Olympic Games. It's currently 11:48 p.m. in Boise and is 3:48 p.m. in Korea.

By the time you see this blog you missed 6 events in the last 6 hours. I found an app to help and I'll share in a minute.

I don't glue myself to watching the Olympics because the games are on at so many different times. I've been using an app to help me find the broadcasts that are live. I will say that it felt good watching Americans compete to be the best of the best. I also wondered if you took all the storylines and country flags out of the picture, would you be able to recognize who was American? That is the beauty of our country and what seems to get lost.

Check out these photos from the Olympics and enjoy history.


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