Happy 4th of July!

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It’s time for a day of celebrating America, and traditionally one of the best ways to celebrate is by setting off fireworks — you’ve probably already been hearing the frequent “kabooms” for about a week or so, since that appears to start happening the very second firework stands set up for the holiday.

It’s an exciting time, and it’s a blast using fireworks to celebrate (just stay safe)!

Not only can you set off your own fireworks/noisemakers, but there are breathtaking firework shows, too — and there are A LOT of those happening all over the Treasure Valley, so keep scrolling for a complete list of Treasure Valley 4th of July Celebrations 👇

Typically, these popular firework shows are around 10:30pm, but when it comes to people lighting their own fireworks, it seems to be constant. As mentioned, you’ve probably already been hearing the “kabooms,” and you probably will for the next few days, and especially when you're trying to sleep...

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There are many differing opinions regarding fireworks, and the conversation around “when” you should be setting them off is actually quite controversial... so, I wanted to ask you how late is too late for setting off 4th of July fireworks?

I posted polls on Facebook and Instagram stories, and it was really interesting reading your feedback. Many defended lighting fireworks, but according to the poll feedback, most people are NOT excited about hearing the constant “booms” late into the night and for the next few days.

Here are some of your responses! Keep scrolling for a complete list of Treasure Valley 4th of July celebrations and a list of Idaho Vet recommendations for your dogs on the 4th of July 👇

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