"Where are you from?"


"Oh wow I honestly forgot that was even a state. What the heck is even in Idaho?"

Raise your hand if you've had this conversation with someone from out-of-state. This dialogue is fairly common even these days when it seems like everyone and their mother is flocking here.

I'll be honest, even I used to say the exact same thing. And then I moved here and I was like "Wow okay, I see you now Idaho." The Gem State truly might be this country's best kept secret. There's acres of untouched wilderness, gorgeous glistening lakes, stunning mountain views, and a bustling and lively state capitol.

It might be easy to get offended by the conversation above of someone forgetting our state's entire existence, especially if you're someone who's lived here you're whole life. Idahoans are prideful after all - arguably even more so than Texans. So how do you respond to that statement?

If you're someone who's all about the propaganda to keep new people from moving here then you're prefect response is probably, "absolutely nothing." In fact, it thrills you to hear that there are still those out there who have no desire to move here because it never even crosses their mind. "There is nothing in Idaho. You're exactly right. It's boring and there's nothing to offer anyone."

Of course, Idahoans know the real truth. Idaho has almost everything to offer! Discovering Idaho is like discovery a gold mine of outdoor adventure and beauty. We'll let them figure that out on their own though.

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