I did something this weekend that I haven't done in a while. Now, I'm wondering why it's taken me so long. I took a 24-hour vacation.

Now, most of my friends (and especially my parents) wondered WHY I would fly out and fly right back in the span of a weekend before a busy work week. In fact, I flew our just hours after work Saturday morning and came back by bed time Sunday night. Maybe you're thinking the same thing. Here's what I took away: getting away for a quick trip may be the most refreshing thing I've ever done.

Life is hectic, work can be stressful, everyone is busy. That's just a theme in everyone's life it seems. We're "plugged in" at all times, often subconsciously worried if we're where we should be in life because of other peoples social media posts. I've been needing a bit of a time out so I booked flights for a friend and I, snagged some amazing seats to an Ed Sheeran concert, booked a room at a stunning high-rise hotel, and took off on a whim.

Perspective is everything. Being AWAY from home reminds you how much you love "home" while poking that inner fire reminding you it's important to grow, move, travel, and see new things. For 24 hours I explored the streets of Seattle, spent a day away with an amazing human being, unplugged (unless we're friends on Instagram..then you know I had to capture some concert footage), and just enjoyed company, laughs, and good conversation. It's refreshing.

My favorite moment was when we were running WAY late to an event before the concert at which we could have hung out backstage with Ed Sheeran. I get so stressed when I am running late and my friend simply said "we don't need to rush, let's go to dinner instead". WHAT!? We're going to PASS UP on meeting Ed Sheeran!? I followed her lead, went to dinner, STOPPED worrying about the time, and realized that the time spent together was far more valuable in the grand scheme than racing to a concert venue. All in all, I learned that it's OK to just go with the flow from time to time.

When is the last time you got a change of perspective? Do you have a way to "escape" for a day--be it a road trip or just an activity?

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