"Thank you." "You're welcome." Pretty simple, right?

Well, for many Idahoans, this exchange goes a little differently.

Maybe this is just me being a transplant (I grew up north of Detroit, and I've lived in Boise for a year) but this is the following exchange I experience almost every time I'm out at a local business:

Me: (After service has been rendered) "Thank you!"

Employee: (In response) "Of course."

You may not notice it at first, but pay attention next time you're out. When you thank your waiter/bartender, what do they say in response? You may be surprised how often they'll use "of course."

Obviously, there are numerous ways to respond to someone showing you gratitude. Including but not limited to:

  • Of course
  • No problem
  • Don't mention it
  • It was nothing
  • By all means
  • No worries
  • That's OK
  • That's alright
  • My pleasure
  • You're welcome
  • Not at all

So why has the Treasure Valley landed on "of course" of all phrases? I honestly don't know. I've researched if this is a regional thing, and can't come to a concrete answer. One thing I do know, in the year I've lived in Boise, this is the response I hear most from Idahoans.

In Spanish, they say "de nada" which translates into "it's nothing," and in Costa Rica they say "con mucho gusto" mean "with much pleasure." But does anyone else outside of Idaho actually use "of course?" I have yet to come up with concrete evidence one way or the other.

Have you noticed yourself responding with "of course?" Do you hear it when you're out on the town? Let us know with a quick comment.


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