A piece of Disney magic can be found not too far away from Boise in Herriman, Utah. If you travel to the quiet neighborhood that sits just outside of Salt Lake City, you'll find a cute brightly colored house that will remind you exactly of the beloved Disney Pixar film, UP.

This real-life UP House happens to be an exact replica of Carl and Ellie’s house from the movie UP. The original builder received exclusive rights and a blessing from the Walt Disney Corporation to create this one-of-a-kind replica. For almost a decade now it's been serving as a private family home to Clinton and Lynette Hamblin and their two children. What a childhood dream it must be to grow up in such a magical house!

It's only fair that the house is lived in by "professed" Disney lovers which is the true case with the Hamblins. "After living here for over 9 years," Lynette says on her blog, "it still takes our breath away each time we pull up the driveway." The family is known for keeping the house decorated and well maintained and looking exactly like the house in the movie. Even the inside of the house is exactly the same! The backyard is also said to be inspired by Disney-themed characters.

The owners are more than welcoming of visitors from all over. The only thing they ask is that when you visit, please be brief (1-3 quick pictures), be mindful of the time of day you’re outside, and be kind. If you'd like to take more pictures then you can book time for a photoshoot online!

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