The Royal Wrap-up with photos and moments that you might not have seen. These are the pictures of the before and after ceremony moments that the entire world has been talking about.

I went to bed a little before midnight on Friday night as I noticed CNN was already starting coverage. The sun was barely coming up and Don Lemon from CNN was live in his purple velvet shoes. The prince had just made his way to breakfast.

"Honey, are you gonna watch the Royal Wedding with me?" my wife whispers as I was asleep next to our son. It was four hours later and I was up watching the next few hours to take a 30-minute nap before heading out to Idaho's Largest Garage Sale at Expo Idaho. I did it for my wifey because she was so excited. Fairytale endings, princes and princesses are what she explained that girls love. She was glued.

Check out some of the rare photos and I'll put them in two separate galleries for you. Enjoy👑

Royal Wrap-up One


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