I write this with a heavy heart this morning knowing that our friend Scott Spencer won't be at this year's Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

Scott was the founder with his wife of Lighter Than Air America and was the highlight for a lot of us during the Balloon Classic. Spencer lost his battle to colon cancer Friday morning and he will be missed dearly.

I took my first ride with Scott back in 2010 I think it was and what a tremendous honor. Scott and his wife were just the sweetest people you could ever meet. I think about that flight and it was the first time I'd ever been in a hot air balloon and was like a tour with him. Scott explained everything about flying and his attention to detail was remarkable. That guy could steer a balloon-like I've never seen. You do know they don't have steering wheels in balloons right? That might be silly to say but when you're high up in the air above the city you start to realize things.

I noticed NO STEERING WHEEL. Just hot air and wind. What an experience Scott gave me that afternoon to the minor detail of getting a tree off a branch in mid-flight for a listener. Yea, he did that.


Scott talked about the people because he loved them so much and the looks on all of our faces. There was no doubt he loved flying but it was about us. Scott and his wife love everyone who loved to imagine. Balloons flying over the city were a joy for everyone and that's something he did for us. He also loved his sponsors like you wouldn't believe. I remember him talking to me about exactly what and how important Disney and Coca-Cola were. He didn't look at them as paystubs but a fabric of the balloon events.

I would describe his has genuine, thoughtful, caring and most important - loving. Scott was a great man and we'll all miss him very much. The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic will never be the same without him but I'm sure his memory will fly high with the people that knew him the most, his crews.

Our hearts go out to his amazing wife, family, and crews across the country. Scott loved Idaho and those grandchildren he bragged about.

Thanks for all the memories Scott 💔You will be missed.


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