Ok--so this could be the best discovery I've made in months...now I just need to convince myself it's worth the investment. Who am I joking. Of course it is.

I was scrolling through Facebook per my typical late night fashion and came across a friend from back in Spokane, Washington who posted about this little game changer.

An Oreo subscription box.

Why not combine two of the best things ever, into one-- right? I've, in the past, signed up for Stitch Fix for clothing subscription. It was the most convenient decision I've ever made. Throw in some Oreo's, my favorite cookie of all time? You've got a deal.

The box is found on Amazon, currently and the 3-month option is sold out. No worries, you can sign up for the 6-month or 12-month option.

The product subscription says you'll receive two Oreo flavors, an Oreo inspired gift, recipes, all in a custom Oreo box.

To check this out (and purchase) for yourself, click HERE.

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