Getting ready to take the kiddos out to grab their haul of Reese's Cups, Snickers Bars and Candy Corn? The best city to trick or treat in across the entire nation is just a short drive away! 

Smart Asset just released their annual list of the best trick or treat cities in the United States based on local crime rates, neighborhood density, population percentage of children, weather and home affordability. The study concluded a higher number of kids under the age of 15 in a neighborhood and single family homes being close together lead to fuller pillowcase of candy.

So which Treasure Valley city took home the top honor of best trick or treat city in the entire nation? Nampa! In fact, it's the second time Nampa's topped their list. The low chance of rain and average high of 58.5 degrees played a huge factor in their ranking.

With Nampa topping the list, what's the best neighborhood in Nampa to trick or treat in? Post up and let us know!

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