If you or someone you know has been on the hunt for housing in the Treasure Valley, you've probably heard it's hard to find.  Especially if you are on a lower or fixed-income.

This is something I've heard several friends mention recently as they attempted to relocate to the Boise area.  The popularity of the region and influx of new residents has created not just a seller's market for homes, but a scarcity of available apartments.  That is even more profound for lower-income options.

Many of these families are too large for two-bedroom units, but can't afford three-bedroom options.  Demand has driven prices higher and created a challenge many families are dealing with.


There are groups like the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority who attempt to make things better for lower-income families, but officials there say they focus on the lower side of that group, and some towards the middle are being left behind.

The City of Boise says that they are aware of the problem and actively seeking solutions, and point out that this problem is happening across the country, and not just Idaho.

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