You've been playing the new app based game all weekend, but have you made it to any of the Poke Stops near The Village at Meridian? Here's the perfect excuse to get out and venture The Village while trying to catch them all!

Fleet Feet Meridian at The Village is adding Pokemon Go to their group walk/run on July 20th!  The app has gone viral and since it's inspiring kids and adults (you know, those of us who first tried to catch them all with the trading card game way back when) to get off the couch, get out and get exercising, the store feels the oddly addicting game is a perfect tie in to their weekly run group! (BTW, you can run or walk.  It doesn't matter because the park is a loop and no one gets left behind!)

Want in on the fun? Meet at Fleet Feet on Wednesday, July 20th at 7 PM! We'll walk over to Kleiner Park for 35-40 minutes of Pokemon hunting followed by drinks and apps on one to The Village's patios!

103.5 KISS FM is proud to have Fleet Feet power this year's "103.5 KISS FM Friend's With Benefit" FitOne team! Come see the store during Pokemon Go night and sign up for our FitOne team for a chance to win free shoes from Fleet Feet for a year!

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