I would suggest everyone watch the new television series; This is Us. I think like Parenthood, this show has something that appeals to anyone watching. The uniqueness of this series is how one storyline constantly flashes from the past to future. I didn't even catch THAT until after the premiere and had to go back and watch that tear-jerking episode again. Tonight marks the third week and it's ranking #1 with extra episodes already being added.

Let's focus on the one topic that I believe EVERYONE can relate to, your weight. This Is Us, is centered around three children; The white pretty boy actor trying to find himself, the successful black lawyer that was abandoned by his biological parents, and the overweight sister fighting to lose the pounds. There are so many places to go, but the weight thing hit me. We ALL care how we look and being overweight can destroy a person.

This is me somewhere in the 6th grade I think. Junior high is so hard for kids, and it doesn't matter who I talk to on the radio or on-location, middle school is still extremely difficult. I'm thinking it's because of the changes you go through which include acne, weight change, puberty, girls and just growing up right? I must have come home every day after school and made french fries with gallons of ketchup. I'm pretty sure I did that EVERYDAY. I look at that photo and remember the depression I felt as a kid.

Fast forward to 2016 and I still struggle with it. I was looking at this picture from Boise Music Festival and noticed how fit I was. I remember spending so much money on a trainer working out every day and being critical on how much I ate. I also realized when I was single there were things I did that I don't do anymore.

I Worked out regularly with a trainer.

  • Run every day after work.
  • Shopped like a beast and you have to think about that. I use to go to the mall and shop for HOURS. I didn't always buy something, but I walked miles just doing the shopping. I think a lot of us forget those minor details.
  • Went out three to four times a week. Forget the drinking, but focus on the walking. We never stayed at one bar. We rolled out for hours downtown especially nights that we hosted. You can add a few more miles to the pedometer.
  • That might seem kind of funny or insane to add that into the mix, but it's true. I haven't even seen a fitness trainer, no clubs since our son being born, my shopping skills are on tilt, and I haven't figured out when to run yet. Boom. That will do it right there.

    I was watching the sister on this show tonight who doesn't fit in this super healthy family. I think that's the brilliance of the show because not everyone "fits." The sister can't seem to lose the weight and on the opening scene, she's on the Stairmaster looking around at everyone else working out. You ever do that? You ever wish you could look that good as the skinny blonde in yoga pants? Do you ever wonder what happened and what it would be like to get to that point? When you think of all those things does it ever depress you, even more, derailing you deeper into drive-thru on the way home? Sucks doesn't it.

    I'd like to tell you that no matter what the reasoning or pitfalls your life has gone through - only YOU can fix it. Let this be a reality check.

    I was trying to drop 15 pounds before the wedding to fit into this vest purchased that was too small. I reached out to Idaho Fat Loss and Dr.Sterling got me signed up and the pounds dropped instantly. This was an endorsement and it worked. I also don't know how they would feel when I tell you it wasn't just the program that deleted those pounds. Idaho Fat Loss is a great program, but like anything else, it's a program. The person that deserves the credit is ME. Losing weight is ALL MENTAL. This endorsement does Idaho Fat Loss no good if I'm not motivated to follow their plan (which is a magnificent reset program without a doubt.) I would, however, like to open your eyes to reality, and hopefully, this gives you breathing room.

    Losing weight, getting fit, and feeling better about your image isn't an overnight fix. We've all signed up for the gym membership, bought the weights, and immediately stepped on the scale afterward to see no change. That moment when you step on the scale is demoralizing. That can be the moment of not truth, defeated.

    I'd like to make a date with you. I've talked about this for years, but I think it's time to DO IT. I'm honestly making this decision as I'm writing to you in the middle of a sleepless night. Can I invite you to join me on Monday, October 10?  I'd like to help you (not push a diet, weight-loss pill, or specific plan) set your mind right. I can give you a diet, send you down to Dr. Sterling and his team, but without motivation, you will miserably fail. The problem with failing at something like this, you might give up. This might be where you are right now. I would love for you to forward this message to your friends and let's do this together. I guarantee that if you decide to believe in what I'm saying on Monday, you will lose the weight and gain confidence. Ladies, that word confidence, is a highly dangerous thing to waste. Confidence is the difference in EVERYTHING.

    If you read this far I might just be talking to YOU. Everything in life changes when you have confidence in how you feel and look. I want you to fall in love with yourself. There is nothing like shopping, putting on something, and thinking about how GREAT it fits. That's a great feeling. Embrace yourself. Be excuse free. Live life LOUD. Be here Monday. It's a date!