Week 2 is finally on the books. Honestly, now that I have crossed the sugar craving threshold  I was expecting this week to fly. I was hoping it to be more comfortable. It wasn't.
The Whole 30 Challenge is designed to make you re-think your relationship with food. The premise is simple. Cut all foods that could potentially negatively affect your body. This includes sugars, processed foods, dairy, grains, legumes and more for 30 days. At the end of the challenge slowly reintroduce food groups slowly back into your diet and see the result.

Week 2 Diet

One thing that's stressed in The Whole 30 is meal prep. The more you prep, the better you will be to resist temptation. I found myself eating out allot this week. It's like a vicious cycle in where you don't have enough time to go shopping, so you spend more time searching out a Whole 30 compliant quick lunch. Chipotle was a stable this week (carnitas with pico and guacamole). Albertsons has cheap rotisserie chicken breast and almonds. Whole 30 compliant almond butter made by Justin's that tastes great in a pinch. Barbacoa bent over backward to accommodate our Whole 30 requirements, and I enjoyed their Baked Salmon.

Week 2 Feelings

Overall I feel way better in Week 2. Week 1 was hell. I've lost about 10 pounds (most of it being water weight I assume). I sleep better and have cleaner energy throughout the day. My skin does not break out. And I feel about ten years younger. Surprisingly, my taste buds have already changed. Fruit taste sweeter; black coffee doesn't taste as bitter, and I'm starting to crave veggies.

Week 2 Temptations

Besides letting a hectic work schedule interfere with my meal planning, there were a few other temptations I had to overcome this week. I had a birthday party I did not prepare for. The cake looked amazing and took me by surprise. I resisted, but it was hard. I also had a friend from out of town visit over the weekend. I wanted to show him Boise nightlife and take him to all the college bars. Just being out in an environment with lots of drinking was tempting. I did manage to accomplish the goal, get him wasted and resist temptation.
Now, moving forward to Week 3!

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