Be ready to pony up $100 every time you get caught doing this. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with using your phone.

The city council voted yesterday to pass an ordinance that fines Boise drivers whose cars are too loud. The ordinance passed, and you can now be fined $100 if you're caught driving a vehicle exceeding 92 decibels. The objective is to target drivers who've modified their cars with loud exhaust systems.

So, why? Loud cars can be annoying, but who are they hurting? According to Cameron Lumbsden, the owner of Fork downtown, it's hurting business:

We have had guests not want to dine or be moved inside and we don’t have room for them inside, even with the garage doors closed on the Alavita side on Idaho and they go racing and roaring by, it's pretty disruptive to the business.

The new ordinance doesn't apply to every single loud vehicle on the road. Classic cars registered with classic plates will be exempted.


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